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For Buyers

Buying from Medical Spa MD Certified Partners

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For Sellers


1. Register

You’ll need to sign up for a “classifieds” account separately from your regular Medical Spa MD account – (It’s a different system. Sorry.) – but you’ll be able to manage buying and selling entirely on your own. We charge a small fee just to keep the spammers out.

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2. Submit Your Ad

Input all of your photos and contact info. Make it look good. Whether you’re buying or selling we strongly believe that our classified ads offer some of the best visibility for advertisers and cosmetic practices selling used cosmetic lasers, IPLs, and RF devices. Of course you can also sell your cosmetic clinic, your training or services, or equipment.












3. Sell Your Stuff

That’s pretty much it. For $10 or $20 a month you’ll be right in front of the perspective buyers you’re targeting; dermatologists, plastic surgeons, laser clinics, medical spas, aesthetic clinicians, cosmetic surgeons and all of our other members. Just sit back and enjoy the new flow of customers discovering your products or services through Medical Spa MD Classifieds.