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The Marketplace is a space for Medical Spa MD Members to list their used IPLs, cosmetic lasers and medical spa equipment for sale.

To post a classified listing you’re going to need to register with this site, your existing Medical Spa MD login credentials won’t work. (Sorry, it’s a technology thing.) You’ll only have to register for this site once and you’ll be able to post any number of classified ads.

If you’re a business that sells equipment, technology or services to cosmetic clinics, you’re required to post your listings in the Business Services Category.



To keep the spammers out:

  • Month long listing: $10
  • Year long listing: $97
  • Featured Listings: +$5


How to create a listing that sells

One line descriptions don’t do well. If you want to make a sell, follow these rules:

  • Be descriptive! Make sure that you include  an accurate, lengthy description if you’d like to make a sell. Studies show that listings with at least 400 words sell more than 4X as well as brief descriptions.
  • Add images: Your buyers want to see what they’re buying. You can add up to 5 images. Use them in the listing and don’t just put a link out to your Flikr account.
  • Use your email as your contact info: Include your email address in your listing. If your listing sells, you won’t want to keep fielding endless phone calls. Use your phone number in your email responses.
  • List your items individually: People want to know exactly what you’re selling from the title. Don’t try to squeeze multiple, different types of products in the same listing.
  • Make your title descriptive: Include the product, location and price in the title if you can.


Remember: Only Members may post listings. If you’re not yet a member you can join Medical Spa MD here. It’s free, which is a terrific price.

Note: We reserve the right to delete any ad or listing for any reason or for no reason at our sole discretion and without notification. Read more about our terms and conditions here.

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